The mass email service marketing strategies

Mass email service

Is a part of the direct marketing provided through different software that are connected to  the Internet and are owned by various companies. Mass email service is helping the companies a lot in promoting, developing or improving their services and products. By sending bulks of emails to their clients, the companies keep in touch with them and can easily receive reply to different issues or demands that these people might have.

Most importantly, a mass email service is if not free, at least much cheaper than using the traditional ways for delivery, such as the postal services. Also, by using a mass email service you have less employees to take care of this department, yet you increase the rate at which your marketing plans go.

The mass email service can help a newly found company to reach a potential targeted clientele that, following the old-fashioned ways, would not be possible. Direct marketing using a mass email service is the fastest way to communicate with clients, potential customers, partners and to move the business in the right direction so that the losses are kept to zero. The vast number of competing developing companies of this software made them think of certain strategies that enables a company to purchase even a custom made mass email service.

The main advantages of a mass email service are as follows:

Most of them come with a variety of templates that let the senders to personalize each mail for a certain target;

almost unlimited number of recipients, depending on each companies acquired contact database;

Security protocols that encrypt the emails so that they will not be easily considered as spams;

real time tracking of the sent emails, by reports or by receiving clicks or visualizations statistics;

importing and exporting of databases between different departments or companies;

user-friendly interface; daily updating and 24/7 technical support;

Marketing managers or their superiors can view the state of the campaign at any time desired and by logging in from any where in the world.

Another advantage regarding the use of a mass email service is that a company can keep an eye on transactions that concern it, while concentrating on different aspects of its business. In the past, everyone could send bulks of emails without being concern of the complaints that their mails are spams or if their using the contact databases by breaking some laws.

These aspects have been rectified in the last few years by many international organisations, that implemented various laws and criteria for the companies that want to do direct-marketing through a mass email service. Aggressive and intensively sent advertising to a recipient that specifically requested this should not happen any more has been banned, as well as the fact that now a mass email service has to attach to every sent email a valid returning email address, an authenticated IP and the names of the developing and the using companies. If a company purchases a mass email services, it has to fully be compliant to the international protocols and laws.

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